The new school year is starting to kick off.  Many parents are on the search for school supplies and clothes or uniforms for a fresh start to the new school year.  School uniforms help make the process of getting dressed much simpler, but what about finding the right pieces that coordinate with your child’s school guidelines?

TresMC Uniforms and School Apparel understands that finding the right uniforms can be difficult, and we are proud to offer top-quality uniforms for those in Raleigh, NC, and surrounding areas.  Our customers are valuable to us, and we do our best to provide top care and service.

The types of kids (and Families) we help most frequently at TresMC Uniforms are:

  1. All Sizes: At TresMC Uniforms and School Apparel, we offer uniforms and apparel to fit any and every size and shape. We have sizes 4T through adult 3XL available, as well as various styles that are different from those found at traditional chain-owned stores.
  2. Growth Spurts: We get called in a lot when kids have gone through a growth spurt, leaving them in an awkward shape. Maybe they have incredibly long legs now or a longer torso; we’ve got custom options for all kids.
  3. Small School: Many smaller schools won’t sell their own uniforms with embroidered logos. Or, if they do, they won’t have specialty items like gym clothes. Customers from many schools have the option of adding an embroidered logo to apparel – contact us to learn more!

We understand that keeping a child (or children) in school uniforms can be expensive.  This is why we work to offer affordable prices for families of all economic statuses to be able to afford our apparel.

If back-to-school shopping in your household involves shopping for a school uniform, consider shopping small and visiting us at TresMC Uniforms and School Apparel.  Our large assortment of budget-friendly, school-appropriate options is sure to have you leaving satisfied.